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    Default DDOCast 569 - Update 43 Preview pt 3: Reaper Changes

    Arkat joins us this week to talk about the release of U42.4 and the opening of the Hardcore League server! Then Propane & Voodu are back to finish our Update 43 (and U42.4) preview deep dive!

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    Game News - 3:54
    Community News - 1:00:00
    Lightning Post - 1:03:20
    Reaper Changes - 1:09:20

    Watch shows live at

    DDO Chronicle 346
    Update 42.4 Release Notes
    Update 42.4.1 Release Notes
    Steelstars U42.4 bug fix roundup
    Hardcore League
    U43 Lamannia Preview 1
    XP Changes
    Reaper Changes
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    Ouch, unwise move deleting that initial character, since that might not just have lost you the starter pack hireling but also if you had the White Plume Mountain extra goodies pack you might have lost the 5x 1k sentient XP thingies too.

    Now hardcore has been active for a bit, I can confirm that I've been really enjoying the challenge & hey, there's pretty much no such thing as bad loot any more.

    Kinda funny that a low gold roll & just getting plat is actually a pretty desirable outcome now since 10k or so plat can buy a whole load of CSW pots to outfit that newly created character.

    The death announcements being accidentally put at level 2 was funny & I like it's being kept that way, the ever-present reminder of the stakes can help to curb people's overenthusiastic approach - really hope there's an after-the-event breakdown of how many characters achieved each level & which were the most dangerous quests
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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