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    Exclamation Sharn monsters out of place

    Hello there, I would like to report a bug where some monsters are not where they are supposed to be.

    1.Just Business

    As you can see from the image above some of the monsters (that includes the boss) just ran off the edge of the construction site and fell in to the fog. The boss had ran off way inside the fog under some arches and took us quite a lot of time to locate.

    Same thing happened with some Gnoles when the 3 mage cannon ships attacked. The uncle refused to continue as there were some monsters fallen into the fog and hidden under the arches of the nearby buildings.

    2. A Sharn Welcome

    At one point of the adventure in order to continue you need to pull a lever behind a stuffed bear. The passage that is opened is usually filled with monsters and as you follow it you encounter more until you reach the end fight. On this run the whole passage was empty up to the end fight where we encountered the boss and its pet. As we were engaging the boss other monsters started to appear from the passage, monster we should have encountered earlier.

    3. No Refunds

    There are some lantern type monsters guarding the rafters of this quest. Once engaged the lanterns just fell of the rafters to the shop floor, this has never happened before.

    Hope this helps identifying the problem and looking forward to seeing it fixed. Thank you!

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    Same happened to me, good thing i wasn't alone and saw the goblin boss jumping off, or i would have been stuck for hours lol

    Also in roll call, the damm eye-zapping-constructs kept jumping off the ledge

    And that quest is "closed" so you're stuck inside cages or pipes, so can't reach the mob or... At least i thought so, u can take the air jet to the lava golem and when it shoots you til the ceiling you can reach a ledge that allows you to jump below the pipes

    I did so and killed the mob, and wandered a bit, i found another cage which can be shot from outside, it has a lever but there's no student (the only one i was missing was in another room, unable to complete due to the mob jumping off)

    5 times i had to repeat the quest til i managed to avoid the eyes jumping down, til the pathing is fixed, every quest with a "kill all to advance" objective/mecanic, should be disabled lol it's quite the annoying thing
    psykopeta is finally baconpletionist because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS: I post only in the latest thread shown in main page, in the weird case u want something from me, feel free to send pm

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