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    I am still not clear whether dead characters (or even live characters for that matter) will keep their banks' contents when they transfer to regular server after 90 days. Or just what will be on their person?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loromir View Post
    Not necessarily...the LFM's will just be on a different server now.
    doesn't help premium players its a kick in the guts x2. 1 no option for them to be part of hc unless they go vip. Don't want to pay for content twice they could have give a 30 day code or something for premiums if they bought points from the store while hc was active. Would have made themselves some more cash as some premiums would have purchased points x3 to play hc and could have bought content, bank storage etc for there account. 2 now premiums are now playing on servers that have lost about 50% or more of the population. Activity was already low now its ridiculous. So LFM's on a server for just vips doesn't help.

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