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    Default Ring of the Buccaneer (old/new versions)

    So, apologies for my failed memory on this, but CC doesn't come around often enough for me to remember discussions, and I've never made one of these... which are the new and which are the old versions, and how exactly does one make one vs. the other?

    The Wiki page implies both are available, but is not clear on which is which, nor how to specifically get to one vs. the other -

    I'm aiming for a Level 4 ring*, the version with Dex +3/Luck/Underwater Action/Protection +3/Green Slot. Do I make the old/other version, Tier by Tier, then swap it over - or what?

    (* but the same general process should work for any old/new item)

    Thanks in advance!

    (And once I grok it, I'll clean up that article)

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    Default new vs. old

    The version you are looking for is the updated version. The updated versions got rid of tiers, so you no longer have to upgrade the item. These items are available from the box on the ship in the cove. To get the older versions or do upgrades on the older versions, there is a box inside the tavern on the island, I believe. You can also trade old items directly for the new versions (also on the ship, I believe.)

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    You definitely want the new version of the ring. The only effect that it loses from the old version is swim; while all the other stats and bonuses on it are improved. Also, the new version is much cheaper to obtain as it's only one purchase as opposed to buying the base item and upgrading it twice.

    For the most part, the stats on all the items were improved with the new loot. I think the only old loot from the Cove that is still desirable (vs. the new versions) is the Spyglass trinket (has high bonus to spot and search instead of a small stacking bonus to those skills) and the Cavalry Plate for a build using medium armor (old version is medium armor at higher levels vs. new version is heavy armor).

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    Also you may find it cheaper regarding Green Dragonshard consumption; if you are wanting a "new version" item; if you actually create a fresh "historic version" ([Tier 1] item should suffice). Then proceed to convert said item, into a "new version" rather than just creating a "new version" item from scratch. Or at least that was the case last year, you could convert an historic Tier 1 (Tier didn't matter) into a new version item.

    Personally I consider it akin to a shortcoming or loophole of the newer system. ;-)
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    Simple :
    The old one has Swim but no Protection,
    the new one has Protection instead, missing the Swim.
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