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    Default Ghallanda Server - ToHitArmorClassZero Level 173

    Greetings all!

    We're currently recruiting active players to rebuild the oldest Guild on the server!

    The Guild has some steady, everyday players that are into reincarnation and high level content.

    We would love to add some experienced players and eventually get back into Raiding......though new players planning on sticking with the game are welcome also.

    If you have a small Guild and are tired of the Guild XP grind, we're open to taking you in.....

    Hit me up in game! I'm usually playing XxygrittexX or XxaragornxX......

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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    This has been my guild since like 2007? I typically play off and on...1 year of playing -> a year break...or 2 years playing -> 6 month break etc..

    Really good group of people in it.

    Some really funny people in it.

    Super helpful.

    10/10 Do recommend!
    "Hireling" and "Hjealer"
    Member of THACO on Ghallanda

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