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    Default The new 3[W] Flower Power Purple Pollen Storm Attack!

    Like most of us, I like/dislike a few of the new changes that Update 42.4 has brought us, and overall I like the improved Grandmaster of Flowers Epic Destiny. I can even forgive the developers for nerfing EiN (it is nice to use it more frequently, even if it's less targets) Oh and hey, they finally fixed Epic Bone Crusher!

    Overall, I'm happy with my toon and the changes.

    Except for one bug...the new "The Flower's Thorn" attack. It's supposed to be a 3[W] attack with a cooldown (but no Ki needed us use it) with no extra bonus stuff...just the 3[W] damage. OK, I'll try this one out. I so I respec my toon yesterday, swap out ED abilities that I rarely use for 15 Astral Shards, just so I can try out this brand new attack, and I make my way to Crystal Cove, and sneak up on an unsuspecting Ogre....

    Whoooooooosh it goes! I throw purple flower petals everywhere! Cool huh? Except nothing happened. No hit, no damage, nothing. I try again on the Ogre's buddy....whooooooosh! Same results. I visit my guild airship and try this new attack out on our training dummy to make sure I'm not crazy. The training dummy sneezes as I throw flower petals at it. It doesn't even register on the combat log as anything happened. This new attack is seriously useless. I don't even get a Dodge Bonus, or MRR/PRR, or doublestrike bonus, a cool after effect, or a nice Crit bonus, or maybe the damage type is changed from Blunt to Piercing, nothing! Just lots of useless purple flower petals thrown up in the air.

    I like the idea of this attack, and the purple flower petals are kind of cool (I like the theme) but please, please, please fix this bug. It's embarrassing to all of us Monks.

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    Thanks! This is fixed for an upcoming patch, should actually hit things properly.
    We don't only build for the builds that exist.
    We don't only build for the builds that are good right now.

    The fact that some changes are necessary is not diminished by the fact that other necessary changes have not happened yet.

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    It is working in bear form.

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    Glitter bomb!

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