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    Default build help, offensive caster/melee (not a healbot)

    32 pt build.
    Any race.
    Ive tried axels battle cleric, it's ok but not to my liking.

    I want a casting/melee offensive cleric (death domain?)

    I'll farm for gear.

    I've run w/ several people with these types builds. They look awesome.

    Mainly for heroics, but will max at least 1 sphere for the PL, Not into grinding a lot of lives. I need to learn the play style 1st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacon_Burger View Post
    I want a casting/melee offensive cleric
    Both melee and casting take up a lot of feats and gear; there isn't room to fully do both. You can certainly be OK at both, but if you plan on doing difficult content, I'd suggest picking one or the other.
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