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    Default Looking for airship benefit without drama? [Khyber]

    Drunk Team Wins!

    We are asocial. We won't guide you through the game or give you unsolicited noob hints. We mostly adventure alone, but we have our Sparrow airship.

    Do you want the benefits of a guild airship without the social hassle and drama that comes with most guilds?

    More people playing and pitching in means a better airship with more facilities therefore buffs. Play when you like as often as you like with whoever you want. The only rule is no drama.

    If you hate guilds as much as we do, but love the benefits of the airship buffs, then join us as we pool our resources and ignore each other.

    Join Drunk Team Wins! Message Kalighat, Geneis, Entropica, or Thilil in game to join.
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