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    Default Maul Barb worth revisiting???

    Fury of the Wild:
    Fury made Placid is reduced to a 2% chance on no save. Healing scales with Melee Power. Gain +10% Doublestrike and +20 PRR and MRR while in this state.
    Unbridled Fury no longer requires charging. (Keeps its 5 minute cooldown).
    You can now use Unbridled Fury while under Antimagic.
    Fury Made Placid and Fury Eternal now cost 1AP each.
    NEW: T1: (Multiselector with Boulder Toss): Boulder's Might: Requires being in Two-Handed Fighting style to use (i.e. no Natural Fighting). 5[w] attack, 6 second cooldown. Rank 2 and 3 add +1 and +2 Critical Multiplier on that attack. (3 Ranks, 1AP Each).
    NEW: T5: Devastating Blow (+1 Critical Multiplier on 19-20 with Melee weapons) (1 Rank, 2AP).
    NEW: T5: Strong Swings: +10 Melee Power. While fighting in Two Handed Fighting style, this is instead +25. (1 Rank, 2AP).
    NEW: T6: Bloodbath: This doubles your Vorpal Threat Range while you are Two Handed Fighting.

    With the new changes to FOTW, I am thinking that a maulbarian would be a great thing to try out again. 13 Cleric 7 Barbarian, PDK for Silvanus and reap souls accordingly.

    What thoughts does the hivemind have?????
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    Maul barb was fairly solid even before these changes.

    My barbarian is 12/7/1 barb/cleric/fighter PDK with a maul.

    He will definitely be trying out Fury again.
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    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago. Note - This was posted in 10/2013
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    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
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    Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through. Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifumoveudie View Post
    I am thinking that a maulbarian would be a great thing to try out again. 13 Cleric 7 Barbarian, PDK for Silvanus and reap souls accordingly.
    Why not go Cleric 14/Barb 6? You get +1 BAB for both Barb 7 and Cleric 14, and better advancement for saves from Cleric at that level. So I'm not sure what Barb 7 gives you, but Cleric 14 is when you get the last tier of your domain feats. For instance, Feral Charge from the Animal Domain is quite nice, or if Strength Domain you're effectively immune to stuns.
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