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    Default DDOCast 568 - Update 43 Preview pt 2: Xp Changes

    Strimtom joins us this week to talk about the exciting news from Gencon and about Update 43, including Hardcore League, Alchemist, and more! Then we continue our Update 43 preview and do a deep dive of the upcoming XP changes with Voodu and Propane!

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    Game News - 2:56
    Community News - 1:15:03
    XP Changes - 1:25:19

    Watch shows live at

    DDO Chronicle 344
    DDO Chronicle 345
    DDO Players News: SSG Gencon Interview
    MMOCentral Gencon Interview
    U43 Lamannia Preview 1
    XP Changes
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    I'm looking forward to the hardcore server, I think it'll be interesting to see how many of the established vets manage without all the past lives, tomes, plat & accumulated gear. I predict a lot of metagaming. It's great that you can transfer characters off it too, since if you couldn't it's pretty much sod's law that that'd be the time you pull that one named item you've been hunting forever. It's going to be weird playing a first life character again though with the much lower XP requirements & I expect people going for the top favour rewards will end up capped out on XP quite a lot so they can stay in the appropriate range to run the quests.

    I intend to treat hardcore much the same way as a roguelike & not have any real expectation of the first couple of characters lasting very long & think that'll be a pretty good way to approach it - make sure to offload their gear & plat into the shared bank for use to outfit 3rd/4th/etc characters. If you have the starter pack gold seal hire, throw her in there too initially, since you'll lose access to her if the character carrying her dies.

    Tbh many of the bits of hardcore server advice I can think of has a lot of overlap with newbie tips & tricks that many vets forget. Still, a few things to remember:
    - potions! a handful each of the usual curatives, also protection from energy & resist energy.
    - collectables! turn these in for useful things... woodblossom nectar in particular can be turned into woodblossom mead, which is an ML 1 panacea potion, fantastic general curative. Since you need multiple collectables for a thing, you'll definitely be wanting to offload them to the shared bank regularly for subsequent characters to benefit.
    - ammo! elemental & bane ones in loot are good for damage boosts, also +1 holy bolts can be crafted at relatively low level if you make a crafter character, so can runestones.
    - that guy in the harbour! a number of stats count but the easiest is generally having a minimum of 5 haggle & you can get a bit of loot... these can include lowbie vorpal weapons so don't overlook him & collect it before you take level 4.
    - builds! sorry, but that cool uber build that comes together when you hit level 20 isn't gonna cut it, you have to get there first... go for something that's solid all through the life.
    - named loot! you can't rely on having much, if any... still, there are some handy ones within relatively easy reach, particularly notable for casters is the tattered gloves from the captives with their 13% fire lore, you simply can't find that high in other loot for some time. The korthos expeditious retreat & shield clickies will likely be very handy to keep. Don't be afraid to run relic of a sovereign past at lower level on casual just to grab some nightforge gear as some of them still hold up very well even today.
    - traps! if you're a rogue, don't forget those spell traps... relic is a good place to get the magical trap parts to make them.
    - store & daily dice freebies! on the main servers, the consumable ones are pretty meh & free mirrors of glamering etc. are often far better, but on the hardcore server it's flipped & you'll be wanting those healing & buffing consumables.
    - PvP! probably best to steer clear, though the idea of a real high-stakes PvP tournament is certainly interesting

    Iconics in hardcore will get an extra little advantage thanks to the destructable items in the spawn area, that often contain handy higher CL versions of a number of potions - not a huge thing, but when you start with nothing anything is useful.

    The store will be there on hardcore, but remember that anything you buy for a character will be stuck on the character if they die... still, since it's specifically for VIPs & you get 250 points per month, there's a small allowance there for helpful things. Also, presumably since it's the same as all other servers for most mechanics, that also means there'll be a whole new batch of those bonus points for 1st time hitting favour landmarks on the server too & you can use them there or carry them across to your main server. I predict slayer pots & XP pots will be the biggest sellers to get easy XP so you can be overlevel enough to make quests easier while still just within the level range so you aren't locked out (though with 1st life XP, probably won't be all that important). Probably fortification augments too as they're scaled to the old loot system & give far more than you can get for the same ML on lootgen without combining regular & insightful bonuses.

    I'm liking the concept of the alchemist from what hints I've seen, naturally i'll be playing it on my completionist character so she can stay that way
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    Well, since the first time on X difficulty Xp is nerfed I am loosing 50% XP for running once on Reaper and once on elite.

    Also the tankyness nerfs are real bad.

    Haven't tested the destinies, since I was doing heroics, and frankly I dont feel like running each quest additional time to make up the Xp I am not getting, and I no longer feel like it's worth my time playing this game. Kinda changed this from "kinda grindy" to "I am not getting any Xp ".

    Gonna take a break from the game.

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