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    Quote Originally Posted by AstorPotamus View Post
    On a similar note, is SSG intentionally trying to tank this game so they can focus on LOTRO? I'm only asking because that's exactly what it looks like.
    Agreed. I too feel sometimes that we're the cash cow for the LOTRO game.

    As for making these changes for new players ... what new players ? Nobody under the age of 20 plays D&D pnp anymore, let alone would be interested in playing it online. They are all into X-Box live, Pokemon hunting, and other various mmo games. We're it, but we're loyal at least. Yet to play with new changes that come all the time involves more n more money it seems.

    I'd like to see jewelry kits go down in price.

    The augments gotten in the 12 take Tokens, and the Hearts, involve an Epic toon n a lot of grinding of the same 5 quests over n over again to get.

    Make all races and classes available via favor, and maybe allow it to be server or account wide, not character bound.

    Give 2 weeks notice before events, listing the Exact day it will start. If you didnt watch the Weds Twitch, you didnt know CC had started until your next log-in. It was finally announced without warning on pages later that afternoon, and I had to spend 2 days of it getting my toon to the lvl of my guild members doing it. Advance warning would have been great.

    LOTR has cosmetic bags and bank sections, as well as pots to change the colour of your armor (bought in store or earned during events). So why do we keep getting told it's impossible to implement on DDO ?

    Barovia could seriously use a mailbox, and ES could use a Guild Ship Teleport in town, instead of in the cave. Wheeloon could also use a mailbox and hireling vendor

    I love that changes get made, but it seems as though changes benefit DDO, and not the Players. Maybe look in the forums now and again, because you'll see the same complaints and requests over n over again from a great many people, some of which have been asked about going back over 6 yrs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimshar View Post
    I would like to say I am negatively affected by this update.

    I like doing the heroic reincarnations though I do not play often enough to ever hope to be a completionist. Expoerience is tough to come by after 2 reincarnations and at some levels the quests are very tough on hard and elite and I have always struggled with ALL the traps being instakill on elite. (Some say 95% of them can be avoided entirely on threads about the issue, but I guess I lack the skill to do so.) Even spell casters are insane as there is not nearly enough protective gear to protect from spells.
    These hurdles already slow me down on levelling (more than they should IMO) especially when you need 3.8 millioin exp. Now you are taking away a good portion of the experience I get from running the quests I can complete once a day and grind my way through.

    I know I can play normal and do much more variety, but it would take forever (with no streak bonuses) to level like that. Maybe thats what we are going for, but hear this - I used to play with 4 other family members, now it is down to me. I do hope your moves are bringing in more players than you are losing, because making levelling so difficult is starting to wear me thin too. Great gear is always supposed to be tough to get. It is in every MMORPG, but most other games don't make it unbearable to level. It almost seems like we're being prevented from levelling to a certain degree.

    Jusrt my 2 cents. If I do move on, which I'm quite not there yet, it could be a blessing. Video games are sometimes an unhealthy time sink anyway.
    I want to help.

    Have you worked on your crafting skills? You seem to be implying that you are dying on hard and elite because you don't have the gear to survive. Crafting is a very low entry point to making exactly the gear you want.
    And with Ravenloft, you can get very GOOD named items by running those quests and getting the named gear and set items. It's not a huge grind as the named stuff falls pretty regularly and most of the quests are very short.

    Also, Elite is essentially an exponential jump in difficulty over HARD. Hard is just a small jump up from Normal... so I would think if you are on a 3rd life already, you should be good enough to get through Hard difficulty with almost any build.

    not sure if you are talking about doing Racial Completionist or the Heroic (class) completionist, but you are doing racial, I highly recommend find a build based on the Inquisitive/Incquisitor Enhancement tree. You can play a ranged character with some of the best DPS in the game right now that can also do all traps. You'll be burning through Elite easily with subpar gear. (Do Threnal at least once to get a Ratcatcher for level 8).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistress_minx View Post
    LOTR has cosmetic bags and bank sections, as well as pots to change the colour of your armor (bought in store or earned during events). So why do we keep getting told it's impossible to implement on DDO ?
    I can't remember the exact thread, but at one point a Dev posted that capes/cloaks were not technically feasible in DDO. It didn't stop people from asking, such as in this thread from 2015, where I posted a couple of examples from LOTRO:

    Fast-forward a few years and the development teams surprises us with...cloaks (OK, capes). Some things truly may not be feasible to do, but they may still give us another pleasant surprise down the road. I just hope that it is sooner rather than later.
    "When asked if the developers hate the players, as they make so many challenging jumping puzzles, their response was that they have what they consider a “… normal amount of contempt for the players.” This is good. A dungeon master should always nurse a healthy contempt for his or her players."

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    “Everything is Nothing now has a smaller detect (double the size of Drifting Lotus, but still smaller than its existing version), and hits a maximum of 6 enemies.”

    Great change! Thanks for listening to feedback on this one.
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