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    Default PVP PVE Dungen Challange

    The real thing i want to discuss is maybe instituting some new dungeon like house Canith Challenge (and Devils assault types cause of Level'ls) that are PVP and PVE oriented.
    Death match / Cap the Flag / mix of both / King of the Hill (castle or hill many options) (or wilderness areas with objectives and rares) / PvP variant of it and a PvE variant with reaper Level's (can add PVE guards on all with reaper spawns) (DDO does have one area were u can PVP so the Basic building blocks are out there with a few Tweaks could be done) as for teams one side could be flagged or be mobs other as players

    Perhaps need a new LFG match making program Levels 1-30
    Player rewards exp rxp and loot similar to house c challenges

    As for the new match making program you should be able to select quests that you need to do (with pve and pvp options)and the match making would group you with selected classes that you need to complete it

    PVP vendors could be similar as the house C challenge with pvp gear for all classes

    New DDO purchase options for the PVP crowd not gear but mabe cheap respawn tokens for death matches low cost would be key or vendor items with higher pp cost limit to 3 per match

    Even if pvp is impossible the pve aspect could make it fun to play

    DDO might draw a new crowd of people that like to have a PVP aspect to game
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    Mm'hmm, mm'hmm...

    *Looks up at OP over rims of his reading glasses*

    Mm, yeah....

    *Makes scribble marks on imaginary OP suggestion form with imaginary red marker*


    Go back and scratch out everything that has to do with gaining any sort of reward for PvP activity then shoot it back by, and we'll give it another look before filing it.

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    No thank you. PvP is perfect how it is - a footnote to an afterthought.
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