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    Default Big Wolf nerf coming

    In the Llama notes,

    The following Druid changes didn't make the Lamannia build in time, but are currently planned for this Patch. This change is meant to adjust certain overperforming multiclass Wolf splits while keeping overall impact on pure Druid/invested Nature's Warrior Wolf builds low).

    Druid: The Combat Speed Bonus to Attack Speed in Wolf Form is now 10%.
    Druid: The Combat Speed Bonus to Attack Speed in Winter Wolf Form is now 20%.
    Druid Nature's Warrior: Swift Hunter (in Nature's Warrior) now also increases Wolf Form's Combat Speed Bonus to Attack Speed to 15%, and Winter Wolf Form's Combat Speed Bonus to Attack Speed to 30%.
    So Wolf is going from 15% to 10% attack speed bonus 100% of the time (because you aren't going to be taking T5 Wolf enhancements without having Winter Wolf) while Winter Wolf is going from 30% attack speed bonus to 20% attack speed bonus unless you are investing in the T5 Wolf enhancements and lock yourself out of any other tree's T5.

    I wouldn't mind so much if the other T5 Wolf enhancements were actually good.
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    So does this mean "big wolves" will get nerfed? What about little wolves like gnomes?
    Quote Originally Posted by Alled78 View Post
    Why should i use all my neural cells when i can go inqui and go pew pew pew ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaboom2112 View Post
    What about little wolves like gnomes?

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    Go For the Kill is actually quite nice if you can fit in a trip item. It's also a targeted leap ability and makes the already fast wolf even more mobile on the field. Jaws of Ice is also really good paired with Baiting Bite if your spot is fairly high. Alpha Strike and Throat Rip are garbage though.

    But I still play a pure wisdom wolf from time to time and have noticed GFtK no longer grants melee power for whatever reason.

    Personally I think the nerf was good a year ago for balance reasons. But with Inq being even more OP than split wolves, PM about to join Inq in the power stratosphere, and the overall power shift to caster and ranged I see zero reason to do it now. It's not like the big dog players didn't already buy Sharn.

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