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    Default Cleric healing end game gear

    I see many pages of cleric builds for damage dealing or dc, but not a lot for a healing based cleric. I am currently running a 36 pt 17 cleric/3 monk build, trying to get some gear to be able to keep a group alive in raids and high reaper epics, but still be decently survivable myself. Does anyone have any lists that are current (Sharn).

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    Here's a basic set should work

    Sharn FVS set, Armor Blessed Bulwark, Cloak Hallowed Trail, Bracers Hallowed Castigators,

    Gogs Collective Sight crafted Wis, Wis, Trinket Ravenloft Bell of warding, Belts Ravenloft, Black satin waist

    Neck Cracked core, Ring 1 Profanity, dex, Ring 2 Profanity spell dcs, Hat memoirs or any reaper, Gloves Gauntlets of the iron council

    Boots new pack ones with quality Stat, Weapon 1 Nightmother, Off hand don't matter new orbs or tower shield, or lgs ooze, affirmation

    Monk is really hard for epics these days cuz you def want a night mother you might be alot better off with 3 fighter splash just for gearing and shield feats

    That gets you defender stance and you can twist legendary shield mastery if you really want to max your prr
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