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    Default DDO Players News Episode 231 – Save Vs Social Anxiety

    On the show this week we talk about the proposed XP changes, Gen Con, and more…..

    "Denn Die Toten Reiten Schnell"
    "For The Dead Travel Fast"

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    At the 44 minute mark you guys are talking about how to say 'table' in Japanese, there is only one pronunciation for it - 'TAY-boo-roo'. (three syllables, the capitalized syllable is the stress point in the word)
    It might be easier to listen to how the word is pronounced and online pronunciation software will get you close enough:
    (click the audio symbol in the blue box beside the words 'Japanese Translation')

    HOWEVER, if it is a dwarven translation of the Japanese word, it is pronounced - 'sa-wa-JEEN'.
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