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    Default Mass Frog for a Wizard? Dealing with constructs...

    I've read that some wizards take mass frog to deal with constructs. My question is: how do you get the DC high enough to be meaningful with all of the other steep requirements we have to get decent DCs? What DC do you normally run with for mass frog, and what enemies does it normally work on at that DC? Or is it better left to the divines and just hope that prismatic spray lands every once in a while?

    Also, what CC do you use on constructs besides web? I've never tried Burst of Glacial Wrath: does that work? Or is there something else I should use?

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    The reason non-wisdom builds take mass frog has more to do with the low saves of some undead and constructs against it rather than dc potential which is low. It's not so much that it's a super over-powered ability as it works a very limited # of mobs, but what else ya gonna take at 28 and non-living enemies are a bit tougher for arcanes to deal with - so mass frog is definitely worth it. On my warlock with sharn gear I have 21 wisdom, 10 ins wisdom and 2 festive wisdom item. In my previous build I didn't have any wisdom gear - I do notice a difference, but even with no wisdom gear I would take mass frog on a caster. The universal bonuses will give you enough for utility against the low save undead and constructs.

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