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    Quote Originally Posted by edgarallanpoe View Post it...I can't see the colors but I can definitely see the different shapes you are referring to.
    Bonus close up of a console.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xugx_quetoxi View Post
    Thank you for pointing out the fact that I have to come out of third person and zoom into the tiny crystals to see the symbols.
    Monitor size might come into play as well. I'm taking up 2/3 of a 50" 4K TV to play DDO, so I have a lot of screen real estate to see the symbols.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xugx_quetoxi View Post
    Unfortunately for me, I can't stay in first person long or I will find myself feeling the effects of vertigo and get violently ill.
    A gaming mouse would probably help you here. I have the Track wheel set for zooming in/out. And, you will probably zoom in, write down your symbols and then zoom back out.
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    • Keep Lynnabel on task with updating the remaining legacy named loot to not suck.
    • Tiering the Runearms so that artificers aren’t screwed out of the advantages of Cannith Crafting in Epic levels on their signature item.
    • Finishing the enhancement tree passes (including racial PrE’s) before rolling out yet another DDOStore™ Enhancement Tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnabel View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that our color-dynamic Crystals were globally modified to contain a unique symbol that corresponded to each color across all content specifically for colorblindness support. Are they (meaning the unique symbols) not visible enough? Are you folks not seeing them? Would love some more info if you've got it
    They are so small and hard to see that I had to take a screenshot then alt tab out of game and zoom in like crazy on it just to actually verify the runes existed on a less-than 1 year old 27" ips monitor
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    Partially color blind here, I agree that many things in the game are hard atm for us. Quelled state anyone? Anything that can help us will be welcome.

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