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    i perhaps should have reported an official bug but:

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    Wed Aug 14

    It's a bit buried in the "Service" thread but the hot fix they were talking about doing this morning (Aug 14 9ish EST) has been delayed.

    It sounds like they are trying to bundle a bunch of fixes to issues with yesterday's big download together, including the Mac client issue.

    There wasn't an official update, just a comment from a developer in the Service News thread dated with today's date that they are still working on a build and not ready to publish a hot fix yet.
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    Default working for other Mac users?

    as far as i can tell, the "hotfix" seems to have fixed things that most players care about and left the Mac client standing on coals. the Mac client now crashes at the character selection screen and not after hitting Play.


    try this:

    Restoring Mac app from Time Machine backup: WORKING

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    Default man i hate that

    Now the client launches, allows log in credentials and selection of server, passes through the first (static) loading screen, hits the second (the one that's customized and has something about the latest sale)....message for "loading new game data" appears at bottom...then crash.

    Edited to say: tried a suggestion not related to today's patch, but given earlier this month for client problems: located the Dungeons and Dragons Online folder and renamed as OLDetc. No fix -- still same experience, client launch > log in > world select > loading screen 1 ok loading screen 2 referring to Current sales, a bit of "authenticating/loading new data message" at[/QUOTE]

    mine does not crash but the data transfer slowly drops to about .02 kbs and stays there forever. I have to wait 20-30 min to get back into the game. some times i can get in on another server but maybe not as well.

    my issue has been happening for a year or more though. its mostly random.

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    Crossover 19 (recent release) can NOW run 32-bit Windows programs on a 64-bit OS. Since Crossover uses Wine, my guess is that the latest WINE version can do this.

    I got the email from Crossover about a half hour ago, I upgraded to 19 (free for me) and tested it. DDO runs great on it now.

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