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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemist View Post
    Hello! Thank you for your feedback on this. I've noted this as a bug and will take care of the issue before our official release. Yve definitely should not be blocking the puzzle like that. I'm sorry you were unable to finish the quest but I thought I'd clarify in a spoiler-free fashion that you're not quite done with the Warforged Titan yet. The reason I left its corpse in the room is because you need to interact with it later. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for playing
    Could Eve/Yve/it crawl to a designated spot before collapsing when the last hp is taken? Something similar to that drow chucklehead's demise in LOD?
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    Imo these quests would be better suited to level 18 since we just got so much 15-17 stuffus. But that's a nitpick. I pick nits a lot.

    Other than that I'd just be happy if you tightened the aesthetic a little more. And diversified the mobs a little more.

    Beyond such trivialities I'm just happy for more content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemist View Post
    These quests are level 17 on Heroic and level 32 on Epic
    Thanks, mate.

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