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    Default Stand and Be Judged

    Would it be possible for the for the DC of the active abilities to use the better of Wisdom and Charisma rather than only the former? It would be a very nice change for Paladins, who otherwise won't be able to make use of it as they have very little incentive to invest in Wisdom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocomajobo View Post
    • NEW: T4: The Book of War: (Multiselector): Pick one of the following to gain as a Favored Weapon: Longsword, Longbow, Morningstar, Greatsword (1 Rank, 1AP)

    Why did you put weapons that you can already get from existing deities here?

    If you want to have longsword why not just pick Sovereign Host as a deity?

    Only Morningstar makes sense because there is no deity that has this as its favored weapon.

    This was a nice opportunity to enable players to use some weapons that you cannot have as favored.

    You could have put Great club instead of Greatsword, Heavy pick instead of Longsword, some throwing weapon instead of Longbow.

    Then this ability would add flavor into the game. Now it only adds potential power creep because everyone will use Greatswords.

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    I just wanted improvements to the turn undead in exalted angel... there are zero aids in the EDs (and very little in the itemization) for this class feature, which has bad epic scaling.

    I keep saying what is the need for a cooldown to reborn in light if it is now once per rest. I think the change is fine, but not keep the cooldown.
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    Default One favor to ask

    Is there any chance that non Divine classes using the Divine Crusader tree be granted some religious lore feats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelstar View Post
    The issue with these DCs is something we know about, but cannot fix for this Update. We do not currently have an ETA for this fix.
    Thank you for acknowledging and divine wrath should really go against a will save, esp since the damage is so low compared to energy burst.

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    If possible, add a few turn undead things in Divine Crusader cores.
    Not much, just a bit. Turn Undead in epics isn't very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erethizon View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocomajobo View Post
    [*]Confront Any Foe now adds +3[w][*]Confront Any Foe's Light damage now scales with 300% Melee Power
    question, is it still powered by turn undead charges? if so then this change wont make it that much more useful.
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    EA sound burst the targeting change is good but

    Is the dc workable will gear and other effects actually work on it

    If not it still won't be used cuz it does target a fort save
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    @ Cocomajobo

    Could tanks get a new skill perhaps in this tree (that they could also twist) that would allow them to increase their intimidate skill by a flat number or % for X number of seconds?

    I think that it may help place tanks into a better place in general. If this skill could also temporary allow you to intimate monsters that are typically immune to intimidate that would also help (unless you think that would be too broken for what you intend)


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