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    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanKiller13 View Post
    Current Sigils are:

    • T1 Warding: +1/2/3 AC and +5/10/15 PRR
    • T2 Lifeshielding: Deathward and 1/2/3d6 per 2s to Undead
    • T3 Energy Negation: +20/40/60 stacking elemental resistances
    • T4 Battering Spellcraft: +15/30/45 stacking spellpower

    My suggestions for small number tweaks:

    • T1 Warding: +8/16/24 AC and +10/20/30 PRR - enough AC and PRR to be noticeable and worth using.
    • T2 Lifeshielding: Deathward and 10/20/30d20 per 2s to Undead - average 315 per tick (vs undead) is still pretty weak but at least it's visible (157 DPS lol). In a 30s fight inside a tiny circle vs undead that's 4.7k damage, fairly comparable to one energy burst. Alternatively a lower dice number, but scaling with spellpower.
    • T3 Energy Negation: +25/50/75 stacking elemental resistances - this one is fairly reasonable IMO, good for stuff like KT or THTH. Don't think it needs a major buff.
    • T4 Battering Spellcraft: +25/50/75 stacking spellpower - medium sized buff to keep up with power creep. A bit expensive to twist, but pretty nice to have one if you're blast casting a boss etc.
    Energy resistance should be absorption and fairly high stacking since it is not mobile and short duration. Change to insightful resist adjusted value and absorb.

    Warding could apply a neg mp/rp debuff instead (does this go into neg now? otherwise keep prr)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iriale View Post
    No, we do not agree with this. The beauty of D&D is the variety. There are classes that are designed to be specialists, such as wizard or fighter. There are classes that are designed instead to be hybrids. That is the case of the bard, who in D&D is the master of nothing, but can do a little of everything. The bard should not be the best physical fighter, but he should be a decent fighter. The bard should not have the best CC (and therefore he has a more limited list of spells than wiz / sorc) but should be good with the limited spells he has.

    Trying to standardize classes so that they are all specialists and do all the same is ridiculous. The game loses in variety, greatness and fun every time the devs try to do this. Devs have to remember the roots of the game, and why D&D has been so popular. Trimming the variety is NOT good for the game. The bard is a hybrid class. keep it as such please.

    That said, cha to hit should be in the enhancements, not in the EDs. And the problem with the melee bards' DCs is currently more a matter of itemization.

    Well you’re wrong about roles, and I would bet most people who play at cap agree. You are either a DC caster with dps options such as ruin, meteor swarm, etc or you are a dps melee, or a tank, etc. I’m not arguing that there’s variety and that variety is good, but in endgame you either are good at one thing such as cc/dps/heal/tank and pick up a secondary role, or you are useless. There is no build that can cc like a lock or wizard, dps like a tempest or wolf, heal like a Fvs or cleric, and tank like a paladin. I’m sorry, but hybrids don’t work very well bc of limited gear slots, item sets, and feats. And it should be that way, imagine how crazy it would be if you could just wear a ring on each finger and have 100 different feats, etc. These are hard facts because of the system we play in, it has to have limitations.

    I’m not saying you can’t make one, and some creative builds are better than others (especially if you have 100 reaper points) but at r10, that bard is gonna look real weak and feel weaker. You can have variety within certain roles (monk dps, wolf dps, tempest dps) but you even make my point that a bard won’t have good enough cc and less dps than a barb, so what’s the point? I’d rather have a good dc caster and a good melee dps vs two hybrids who are “decent” melee toons and can only land half their dcs. Nobody is disagreeing with you that variety is good and that’s what we want lol so try to focus your posts a little more bc it seems to contradict itself a bit bc I’m not sure how you disagree with facts.

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