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    Default Death Aura and/or Aura Build?

    Hey guys.

    1. Does heal skill increase damage output for death aura? Is it signficant?

    2. I kind of like the idea of a Wizard build where you pop a bunch of auras and wade through baddies. Is that possible? Hard to tell which spells have AOE that would move with the caster.


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    Necro and Negative Amp (for healing yourself and skelly) up the auras.

    I often do a combo Pale Master/Eldtritch Knight. Drop a Firewall, Death Aura and bring everything to you and start melee swinging a staff or similar and just watch everything die around you and you take no damage. Even do an Otto's. Good times!

    The new pass on the Pale Master tree looks to be awesome too.

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    Heal skill will increase the damage from Death Aura, but only slightly.

    For a killer aura build, try a Warlock focused on Enlightened Spirit.

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    Default Warlock aura build

    I like this build for warlock. Have used it for several lives.

    I prefer to go more dps, so use divine crusader destiny in epics.

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