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    Default PDK Swashbucler Abbot/Skellie Beater

    PDK Swashbucklers tend to be stuck using short swords, but what's a good weapon for them to use on the Black Abbot, skeletons, and other DR bludgeon enemies?

    I plan to run heroic Abbot with my PDK Swashbuckler to grab the gloves and trinket prior to an ITR. Thinking about putting the points into Different Tack to get charisma to damage and using a light mace of some sort. Epic Skullsmasher come to mind as a possibility, although I could craft a light mace with light damage and undead bane with insightful deadly. I do have access to ML20&28 Flotsam.

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    Default Light Hammer

    I run a bard on my main and I have had a lot of success with using light hammers at cap, specifically .

    I typically build for Str, and focus on building sonic SP up, and capitalizing on the sonic procs as well. Twists look something like this:
    Sense Weakness
    Grim Precison
    PDK should be capitalizing on Cha to damage if possible, make sure Str is somewhere in the mid 60's, and slot accuracy somewhere if you can to ensure landing your hits.
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