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    Default Druid Icy Flowers Needs a Die Change

    Druids Icy Flowers spell needs a change of dice, not to mention the wind up and delay it has until it hits XD. I would propose to change the spell to at least 1d3+3 or (7 to 11) Piercing and Cold damage per caster level up to 20~25. The way the spell is right now is 1d3 Piercing and Cold per caster level up to 15. This spell may have been ok when Druid was released, but now it has fallen WAY behind most other “nuke” spells. In fact, single target base damage wise, it is lower than Level 1 produce flame.

    Produce Flame 1d2+2 per caster level.
    Icy Flowers 1d3 x 2 ~ 2d6 per caster level.
    Also, the level 1 spell and Level 8 spell caps at the same level 15.

    I have no clue how easy this would be to fix, but I couldn’t imagine being super difficult*. The Water elemental is far behind its twin form fire elemental, which has multiple fire spells (including one that doesn’t have a MCL). I would just like to see the dice on this spell changed to something usable.

    It may not be proper form to conjure a dev response XD, but it would mean a lot to me to hear what a dev thinks about this. (I know y’all read all of these XD).
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