This is weird. Used Vet Status to roll a new 7th lvl Wood Elf, 3 Rogue/4 Ranger. 15 AC points in Inquisitive, 9 in Deepwood.

She had all starter gear except for a light crossbow I had in my bank, so she was dual wielding that. Pew pew.

I noticed she couldn't tumble and checked out her skills because I gave her some ranks during chargen. She had a -14 total penalty to Jump and Tumble.

1 is from the starter armor, but the other -13 I don't have a clue. She's not encumbered or stealthed or... what else could be causing that? Anything?

I ditched the crossbow and reset her Inquisitive points to zero, but nothing changed. I just ditched her armor and the total penalty is now -13.

Did she trip and break both of her ankles on her way off the airship?