Greetings, Builders.

I've been playing off and on for years but never long enough in any of the "on" phases to get really good at a particular play style. I have three toons that are level 30 and all of them have "survivability" as a build feature since I'm too inattentive or stupid to manage too many game-play details at once. Briefly, I have (all first-life, because who wants to start over, but I guess I'd be willing): 1) a Bladeforged lvl 30 THF Paladin; a Drow lvl 30 Warlock (ES); and, a Bladeforged 16/2/2 sorcerer/paladin/fvs. Of course, the survivability comes at the expense of DPS. A friend plays much more often than I do and he shows me around the new content using his lvl 30 ES Warlock. I guess it's ok when we're both floating through content coning stuff and using Evard's, but raids and some bosses seem to cry out for something that kills faster than obesity.

So, today, I was reading a through the forums (honestly, this game should have a 3-credit college course attached to it) and I came across a post from Maelodic with this character summary (that I have further summarized): an 18 Mnk/1 Rog/1 Drd henshin that was "immortal" in heroics and did scandalous amounts of damage. I loved that and this prompted me to wonder if I could prevail upon the amazing builders in this forum to offer a lvl 30 character that could run with the lock, survive like the lock, be relatively easy (don't need "easy-button like the lock", just not 20-keys-at-once difficult), and do more single-target damage than the lock (that way, we can complement each other's strengths). Following up on that last point... since I solo, I have to have some ranged and aoe abilities for the trash, and some survivability (because I'll still be inattentive and stupid) but this build will need to lean towards higher single-target damage. I can buy any tomes, I can redo any of my existing toons with hearts of wood (and/or whatever else), and, I can access any class/race. I'm open to starting over if the extra feats/bonuses are necessary, but it would be nice to play in the newer Sharn content for a while in the new build before starting the beginning again. I looked at the GOO lock that doesn't go all the way up the ES tree and uses the debuffs and instakills for better single-target damage, but I guess a final requirement would be "not a lock".

The build would have to be pretty detailed since, as I mentioned, I don't play long enough during a stretch to appreciate how some build choices affect things down the line.

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance!