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Vryloka would be a racial variant of Human, but Tabaxi would have to be its own race.

Tabaxi Racial past life would no doubt be +1 Jump and +1 dexterity if the same standard is followed as the other past lives, but granting a 15% chance to negate Knockdown effects could be a better idea.

A lot of people play games from the Elder Scrolls series, I have played the MMORPG known as Elder Scrolls Online, or as I like to call it "Dungeons & Wyverns Online" and I saw how many people were playing as a Khajiit and realized then and there how popular cat-person characters were and so I can be fairly confident that the desire my wife and a few of my friends have to play as a Tabaxi is is in fact not representative of some Niche market but instead representative of a fairly common group of players.

The Vryloka are interesting and frankly they are the perfect race to add to fill a niche that is not currently adequately filled, negative healing builds!

Vryloka's get their choice of +2 to Charisma, Strength, or Dexterity and believe it or not they are Cannon!

The Vryloka can be found in the Heroes Of Shadow sourcebook!

And furthermore, just no.