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    Default Trackable Chest Ransack

    With the current Ransack system I'd like to propose the suggestion of having a trackable count and reset timer whenever you loot the chest more than once, while it's being on the ransack timer.


    • You loot the chest for the first time, no notification pops up.

    • You rerun the quest and loot the chest again: "You have looted this chest 2 times"... 3 times... 4 times...

    • You rerun the quest for the 7th time: "You have ransacked this chest, ransack will expire in 04 days 23 hours 42 minutes"

    I think this solution should be easier to implement / to keep track of, than the chat command that was proposed a pretty long time ago.
    And since the mimic event uses a notification on the 5th loot during the event, it should be possible to get a hold of the count at the time of looting.
    Maybe an UI option to turn these specific notifications off for players who'd feel annoyed by the notification.

    I'd love to have any system that doesn't force me to write down the exact time I looted the chest for the first time in a week.


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    I dunno, this seems a bit immersion breaking. Hope it helps... You can click a chest after looting it to see if it's ransacked or not, and this won't effect your ransack lvl etc.

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