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    Quote Originally Posted by Goalt View Post
    The thing is, Jeff Bezos didn't become a multi-billionaire by making stupid decisions...
    On the contrary, that's exactly how he became a multi-billionaire. He invested in a lot of things, *most of which turned out to be stupid decisions*. But enough of those investments turned out great that it more than made up for the ones that turned out to be stupid decisions.

    Just look at how many things he tried to start that ended up folding.

    The key is that you have to make the initial investment even in the dumb things if you want to see something really game changing. Same reason why the Department of Defense invests in ESP and psychic nonsense. Because if it had turned out that ESP and psychic nonsense isn't actually nonsense, then they need to have an investment in it.
    No one in the world ever gets what they want
    And that is beautiful
    Everybody dies frustrated and sad
    And that is beautiful

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    Bezos made a stupid decision that cost him billions. He's an idiot that got lucky. Not totally serious here.

    This is probably really bad news for SSG. I am serious now.

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    I mean, we did win in 1967...


    He had foresight is what I mean, perspicacity.
    Good look getting to Mars, Jeff.

    (or maybe he got lucky/probably not)
    We only need to wait for all the 40 year olds in this game to start dying off, then it's Asheron's Call for DDO.

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    I only like the books. I won't do anything besides the books.

    I watched some parts of the LOTR movies, but then, meanwhile they are in interesting interpretation, I stick to the books.

    But maybe I'm the minority, then - people with good "head cinema".

    These days, most people have sreem to have unlearned to imagine things.
    They need to be "spoon-fed" with graphics instead.
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tapper this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this tale."
    English is not my first language - misinterpretations galore !

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