Gonna talk about a minor dialogue bug here that effects "clarity" on some of the mechanics




The Arcane Assist near the buttons is suppose to have the following Dialogue option which is currently missing. This information may increase the speed players learn some of the mechanics in the raid:

Player: What does this thing do exactly?

Arcane Assistant: This assist and the nearby mechanical controls allow use of the extractor. An artifact designed to manipulate pure element energy for use in mage crafting or even ritual purposes be they arcane or divine.

Player: Please Elaborate

Arcane Assistant:

The buttons located to each side will move the extractor. The central button will cause it to either....

Attempt to capture any elemental energy found beneath it.

Or if the extractor is full...It will release into energy and attempt to bind to it's target instead.

Note, that elements released by the extractor maintains a bond to it, and can be recalled for re-use.

Speak with this assist to attempt a recall.

Sorry for the snag. Good luck in there.