Don’t know the reason why some of these tools are BTC, there is any chance to change them to BTA?

List of some of these items:
Universal Challenge Tokens
Worker Requisitions
Torch Requisitions
Teleporter Requisitions
Barrel Requisitions
Time Requisitions
Minutes of Time
Skeleton Key Crest

Some Context:
Cannith Challenges (Vaulth of the Artificers)
· Mats and Items are BTA
· For full mats in some you need to be max lvl 15, 20 or 25.
· To get some of these mats you need to be min lvl 4, 8, 12, 14, 15 or 25.
· Epic Challenges are min lvl 21. (But Why? Shouldn’t be 20?)

Crystal Cove
· Mats and items are BTA

For Example:
· Want to craft a Cannith Challenge Item lvl 8 form my lvl 8 Character but need some mats that came from a min lvl 12 Challenge. Ill grab an Alt character to run it, but that one doesn’t have some of these things to make it ‘easier’.
· Same if I want to upgrade a lvl 20 item for my lvl 20 Character.

So, a couple of suggestions:
· Make this tools BTA: That could be in Shared Bank -> Crating Storage would be nice, if not isn’t to terrible.
· Make Epic Cannith Challenges min lvl 20. Some of us like to run this to get some Tokens of the Twelve.
· Make a Bag/Folder for this Tools: I know that then will be the issue that you can’t use it if is in the bag (have understood that this is the issue that why we don’t have a bag for Components), but at least could clear some of the inventory space. And an extra code for the other Crest to not go in this bag inside the challenges… ok ok… more complicated code, but can help us with the inventory manage for TR.