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    The door of the Rusty Nail swung open, and four cloaked figures entered the establishment with quiet confidence. Behind the counter, a portly barkeep shot up a pair of caterpillar-like eyebrows in surprise, ".. Khyber take me, they made it make!" he muttered, before lowering them in favor of a wide grin underneath his long, white whiskers. Cowls were thrown back, tankards poured and gold changed hands. The barkeep kept the adventurers close, lending an ear to their tale of treasure and threats – Hobgoblins, giants, even a Beholder – He could scarcely believe it, a meaty arm resting on the flat of the counter, leaning in ever closer as the tale drew to its conclusion. A round of laughter and cheer erupted from around their little circle of companions, their tankards raised for a toast to their joint bravery and success – and for good fortune on their next adventures to come...

    General Information:
    Tankards Raised is a roleplaying guild on the Ghallanda server. The mission is simple: to create a haven for all roleplayers who still linger around DDO, or come to the game specifically looking for this style of play. Casual tavern RP, pure text RP over guild chat or Discord as well as RP questing are all welcome and encouraged here! The guild as a roleplay concept doesn’t adhere a strict and specific theme, and we’re going for ye olde ‘bunch of oddball adventurers and misfits crossing paths by chance and (mis)fortune’.

    Within this guild there are two ways to play: Adventurer and Daredevil! Adventurers are simple. You roleplay, quest and do whatever you like. Daredevils have a deeper rule set with restrictions and even permadeath elements attached to them. Both Adventurers and Daredevils can group, quest and roleplay with one another as much as they like however, so they shouldn’t be treated as different factions within the guild.

    What timezones do you play in?
    Right now we have precious few members, a couple in GMT+2 and one in EST, but we accept all timezones. As we grow, I hope to have a decent number for both European and American players alike, with some mixers on the weekends!

    What level is your guild?
    10! That’s a right. A whole 10 guild-levels. Ain’t that something!

    Are there any rules?
    Yes! Except they're on the guild Discord. They're fairly common sense however, so they shouldn't make anyone furrow their brow. The rules and restrictions for the Daredevil characters can also be found there! I figured this post was long enough as is.

    Do I have to make a Discord?
    Not really, no! You are sure to miss out on some talk, RP and announcements, but no one is forced to join the Discord. But if you are serious about the guild and helping its growth however, the answer is a definitive yes.

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