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    Default Cleaning out mules after 10 years

    For Trade:

    +4 INT tome
    +7 DEX tome

    Guild augment items — no longer dropping in game since U17. Usable with Cannith Crafting. ML1 and unbound unless otherwise specified:
    • Tiny Guild Augment items - Handwraps
    • Small Guild Augment items - Handwraps x3, Densewood Heavy Crossbow, Densewood Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Maul (ML21), Returning Dagger (ML10)
    • Medium Guild Augment items - Neck (ML7), Circlet, Neck (ML15), Boots (ML5, ML11 and ML17)

    Unbound Clickies — no longer dropping in game since U14:
    Necklace (ML5): Invisibility 3x/day
    Gloves (ML7): Invisibility 3x/day
    Neck (ML7): Invisibility 5x/day
    Neck (ML9): Invisibility 3x/day
    Cloak (ML9): Invisibility 3x/day
    Outfit (ML10): Invisibility 5x/day, small guild augment
    Gloves (ML11): Invisibility 5x/day
    Outfit (ML12): Invisibility 5x/day
    Gloves (ML13): Invisibility 5x/day, medium guild augment
    Ring (ML13): Invisibility 5x/day
    Bracers (ML13): Invisibility 5x/day
    Goggles (ML15): Invisibility 5x/day
    Boots (ML15): Invisibility 5x/day, small guild augment
    Gloves (ML17): Invisibility 3x/day, medium guild augment

    Historic items - no longer dropping in game:
    Ring of the Djinn (ML11): Electrical Absorption 33%, Lightning Resistance 10. Unbound.
    Cloak of Ice (ML11): Fire Shield (cold version). 3 Charges/Day. Exclusive. Unbound.
    Flametouched Handwraps. Usable with Cannith Crafting.

    Heroic Greensteel Blanks:
    Goggles x2
    Kama x3
    Great Crossbow
    Repeating Heavy Crossbow

    Rare Filigree:
    Beast’s Mantle: Ranged Power x3, STR, Rage
    Blood Feast: Melee Power, PRR x2, CON, DEX, Healing Amp
    Celerity: INT
    City’s Beacon: STR, Trip, Fortification
    Cry of Battle: Will x2, CON, PRR
    Darkhallow: Negative Amplification
    Deadly Rain: WIS x3
    Embraced By Light: Positive Spellpower, CHA x2, MRR, Turn Undead Level, Healing Amplification, Light Spellpower x2
    Electrocution: Air Elemental Knockdown x2, Electric Absorption, PRR, CON x2
    Enlightened Step: Wisdom x2, Light Absorption
    Eye of the Beholder: MRR x2, WIS x2, INT, Will x2, CHA x4
    Final Burial: Turn Undead Hit Dice x2, WIS, Turn Undead Charges x2, CHA
    Frozen Wanderer: CHA x3, Cold Absorption, PRR
    Grandfather’s Shield: Armor Class x2, PRR, Healing Amp x2, CON x2
    Inevitable Grave: PRR, Negative Spellpower, Negative Healing Amp
    Long Shadow: Stealth
    Melony’s Melody: Will x2, Perform x2, CHA x2, Spellpower, INT
    Next Fall: Trip x2, WIS
    Nystul’s Mystical Defense: Acid Absorb, Cold Absorb x3, Will x2, MRR, Electric Absorption, Fire Absorption
    Otto’s Irrevocable Power: Spellpower, Spell Failure Reduction, CON, MRR x2
    One Against Many: DEX x4, Melee Power, STR x2
    Purity: Death Block, Positive Spellpower x2, Healing Amp x2,
    Reverberation: CHA
    Sanctified Fervor: Healing Amplification
    Snake Bite: CON
    Sucker Punch/One Against Many: Strength (from Threads of Fate)
    Sucker Punch: Attack and Damage x2, DEX
    Spines of the Manticore: Reflex, Ranged Power x2, STR
    To Hell and Back: CON, CHA x3, Spellpower, MRR x2
    Touch of Grace: Positive Spellpower, CHA x2, WIS
    Trapper’s Delight: INT, DEX
    Treachery: DEX
    Twilight’s Cloak: Dodge and Maximum Dodge, Reflex x2, DEX x2
    Vigilance: Reflex, Alertness
    Wreath of Flame: Ranged Power
    Zephyr: Double Shot x2, Dodge, Featherfall, CHA, INT

    Looking for:

    Medium Eberron Dragonshards
    Radiant Forcefield potions
    Toven Cookies
    Skill Upgrade tomes +3 -> +4: Bluff, Disable Device, Spot, Perform x2, Open Lock, Tumble, Spot
    Skill Upgrade tomes +4 -> +5: Intimidate x2, Balance x2, Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal x2, Tumble, Jump x2, Hide, Search, Spellcraft, Bluff, Disable Device, Spot, Perform x2, Open Lock
    Sentient XP
    Restored Gianthold Relics
    Thunder-Forged Dwarven Ingot
    +7 -> +8 CON and INT upgrade tomes
    Diamond of +15 Skill: Disable Device, Open Lock, Search, Spot, Diplomacy

    Filigree (rare):
    Shattered Device: Armor Piercing x2, Melee Power x2, PRR x2
    Wreath of Flame/Spines of the Manticore (raid filigree from Threads of Fate)

    Got something I want but don’t see anything you like in trade? I’ll buy it for astral shards. Contact me in game most nights 6-11p (Eastern) on Ying or PM me on Discord (Kobeyashi#8608).
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