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    Default Monster Manual ideas

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently browsing through the Monster Manual article at the Wiki. There, to my surprise, the Hyena isn't mentioned !

    Given that there are not few of them around - Three Barrel Cove & Ataraxia's Haven (not listed in the Wiki), I'm quite surprised that this animal isn't in any MM volume, seemingly.

    I have also noticed that Dürgar and Wilmen are missing there as well. Although I only know them from Ataraxia's Haven. Or are the Dürgar listed under "Dwarf" ?

    Edit . I just found that the Wiki also has a "missing" list. I have not the slightest idea how much it reflects the current state of the game, though :
    And that's most likely just too much to implement, I guess ...

    Anyway, if there'll be another volume one day, please add Hyenas !

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    Wights are missing also, considering they are everywhere...

    dogs are missing also

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