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    Default bug with augment ml

    i used cannith crafting, a shard to apply lvl6, but item had a lvl12 augment in it... when i went to remove it, the item still was with lvl12 ml instead of 6... tryed to put it in bank, relog, still lvl12 ml...
    i'm afraid is faster to redo it than report a bug or go for a ticket.

    So i am here to tell you to remove any augment in your item before screwing everything^^

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    I've had a similar bug with taking an augment out of an item, so I contacted customer service and right when the GM contacted me it mysteriously fixed itself.

    Relogging the same character might not be enough, because if you log out and then back in quickly it doesn't fully reset your account (you'll still have summoned bolts in your inventory, for instance).

    Try logging out and waiting a while and then logging back in. It MAY (no promises) spontaneously fix itself.

    You might also try taking the item to the Stone of Change and binding it using khyber dragonshards (if you only use it for the one character, that is). Or putting a higher-level augment in and taking that out. That might "kick" it into resetting its properties.

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    I've also had random ML's applied to items with the old 'Guild Slots' (empty at the time), much higher than the level shard that was bonded against the item.

    I've stopped using the items with Guild Slots for that reason, and just have a good collection of items with green/blue/yellow/clear slots instead, and to be honest, they seem much more useful these days.

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