We're still posting groups and running the heroic Abbot raid regularly, every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm Eastern

This group has picked up quivers for several dozen players, especially with double-run nights this past spring, so attendance is down lately. We're still able to complete short-handed, and even had a 2-player 1-round completion a while ago. Flag some characters, and join for some fun! If you're new to the raid, we're happy to guide and teach.

Here's a reference chart for time zone conversions:

2am - Berlin, Germany (will be Thursday by then)
1am - London, UK (will be Thursday by then)
8pm - New York, NY
7pm - Chicago, IL
6pm - Denver, CO
5pm - Los Angeles, CA

Flagging groups regularly pop up on Orien, but feel free to post if you need some help grabbing sigil pieces or if you have trouble finding a group to run the Litany of the Dead pre-raid.