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    Default Cannot TR into a DEEP Gnome, but I have a playable character that is a Deep Gnome.

    I posted this in game systems first, thinking maybe it was something that has happened to other people and would be a simple fix or explanation. Apparently, that is not the case. I have submited a ticket that has received no response and I have PMed a CS person (I think CS-Akaid) to no avail. So I decided to post this here, hoping someone sees it who can assist me.

    I am a Premium player currently but used to be VIP.
    I am TRing my Iconic Sunelf into a Deep Gnome.
    When I go to through the reincarnation process, the Iconic Race, "Deep Gnome" says "Unlock" next to it.
    However, I have a Deep Gnome character already that I am able to play, so it would seem that the Deep Gnome should be unlocked already.

    I know that when you go from VIP to Premium yuo lose stuff. For example I cannot play my lizard or my halfelf because I did not purchase those races. However, since I am able to play my current Deep Gnome, that makes me assume I did purchase it in the past.

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    a) either you don't have it and your playable Deep Gnome is an error or
    b) you own it and the unlock is an error.

    Did you try to login your Deep Gnome and actually play it after you dropped VIP?
    I am pretty sure, Deep Gnome didn't come with an expansion of some sort, so you have to acquire it through the store. 2 possibilities:
    - Check your purchase history in the store - upper right hand corner of the store or
    - open the ingame store and see if it is avaiable for your account. If it shows up, you don't own it.

    This won't really help you with your problem, TR'ing into a Deep Gnome. But you can decide from there to wait until CS shows up. Good patience. Or buy the DG.

    Good luck.
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