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    Default Any character planner for mac?

    Downloaded a few but could not run them on mac. Any for mac? Thanks!
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    I feel ya -- I'm one of the rare and lonely tribe that also play on a Mac (hey it's what I have, stop laughing).

    I have not been able to discover a character or gear planner that runs on OS, or a browser-based one.

    There IS a browser crafting planner, though, which is great, if you get that far!
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    I was setting out to develop an online character planner several times in the past, however there were too much changes going on (for good! not a complaint), if we could fast forward to a state where char related things are kinda figured out and rarely need patches - It would be massively easier and more attractive to make one (still a large commitment in time and some hosting money).

    Right now the system would have to be designed in a way to be elastic to quick modifications, which is an extra layer of complexity. Community moderation would work to some extent, but not as reliable, and the moderation type maintenance is even less attractive than data/structural changes.

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