Hi I am looking for help and advice for where to go next with one of my characters, he is currently sat at 30 while I gather the ingredients needed to Epic TR and then Racial TR, but I guess the real reason he's still sat there is that I cannot decide what build to go with next.


All destinies complete
Past lives = Art, Bbn, Brdx3, Drd, Fvs, Pal, Rgr, Sorc, PDKx3
Tomes = Str+7, Dex+3, Con+4, Int+3, Wis+3, Cha+4

I run mostly with one other guild member who will likely run the same character again, Half-elf Warlock, we tend to run R2 in heroics then drop back down to hard once in epics. I'm not too concerned about keeping up in the kill count but I do like to feel as though I'm contributing more than just doing traps, which the new build must be able to do. At times I felt the current build didn't pull its weight while the previous 3 lives of PDK Bard most certainly did.

I've looked at Strimton's thread and video on Eldritch Knight, but that was pure Wiz, I could modify it to Wiz19/Art1 or Wiz19/Rog1 or Wiz18/Rog2 but not too sure. Then again there is Rgr18/Bbn1/Rog1 Tempest, but the self repair ability in R2 would concern me with this build, its bad enough when using repair spells, the investment to get self cast healing spells to work in reaper may not be worth it, we do run with hires but at times they are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard....

I'm not after any particular heroic past life next, I want to get at least two WF past lives before I look elsewhere, I may go for three or I may jump to Dwarf to get the second Con bump.

I also haven't decided which Sphere to sacrifice for the Epic TR, I had thought perhaps that that would depend upon the next build, there should be some synergy between the destiny I will have to sit in for 6 million xp and the build I play next.

To summarise I'm looking for a WF build that can melee and/or cast spells while doing all traps, survivability in R2 heroics, not Artificer.

Any suggestions welcome.