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    Quote Originally Posted by Kielbasa View Post
    In general I like this setup just got to cap and have been using it. The only tweak I'm making is to swap in the serrated arrowhead and moving the legendary five rings to the ring of prowess spot. As nice as 8 ranged power is I'd rather have crippling. Not sure why but I never see exhaustion proc so I feel like I'm lacking cc more than damage. Is it melee weapon only or just broken? In raids I'll probably swap five rings back to the trinket slot but for now more cc is better since I solo a lot.
    Dang! The sausage man himself using my gearset! What an honor

    Yeah, that crippling proc is lovely.
    Pfft, 8 ranged power, no boosted ring of prowess?

    Just ran some briefs "tests" and the exhaust proc seemed to trigger every 12-15 hits but it certainly doesn't seem to be causing mobs to move 50% slower...
    Might need to try against different mobs to see if some are immune or if epic ward causes some kind of refresh that dispels the slow.

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    I'll throw out my current approach for a PM EK inqui, works solid for me:

    3 pc wallwatch
    Winter 4 pc: rune arm, bracers, necklace, boots
    Capelet, Ring of Falls Decay: neg and acid for acid well, acid spell sword
    Coll Sight con/ins int, bloodsigil ring: stats
    Slaver trinket to cover core stats
    Tasset: rel fury, ap

    Gets a lot of bonus hp and squeezes in about everything you'd want, even on a stat needy build like pm inqui

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