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    So I have tried on a couple of days now to go back in and edit my post with the new suggestions, but it gets stuck loading. I assume this is because the post is so big.

    If I could get into it, I could divide it up, but would there then be a way to make the "guide" posts sticky over the other posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mna View Post
    Last time I tried, new characters could "skip ahead"...?
    Quote Originally Posted by DreamingReality View Post
    ->"Sunny side" This one only applies to Korthos. All new and reincarnated players start at the shore with Jeets on the "snowy side," but reincarnated players can skip this...
    No, this is NOT accurate - most new characters can skip The Grotto as well. The only characters for any account who cannot skip The Grotto are the 1st character on any server. That is, for the first character for an account on a NEW server (1 of the 8), that character MUST run The Grotto, and end up in Korthos, Snowy Side. After that, any character, new or reincarnated, has the option to skip that intro quest, and end up Sunny Side.

    Any character in Snowy Side can, at any time, go down onto the Korthos docks, speak to Valeria Sinderwind, and, by taking passage to Stormreach, leave Snowy Side and find themselves on the lighthouse isle, southeast area of The Harbor. Returning to Korthos from there works the same, where it will then be Sunny Side.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistress_minx View Post
    Thank you so much to C-Dog for your detailed and informative reply to my question regarding 'Openers'.
    Np! After years of dual/multi-boxing openers, it's become old hat. Enjoy!

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