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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythe777 View Post
    Well... the LGS boots give 35% crit damage and the coalesced magic gives 5% crit damage; not really a real comparison. You'll likely get LGS boots finished before a maxed sentient weapon. I haven't gotten all my large LGS mats yet, but you can make 30% LGS boots pretty easily within a few runs.

    As for my gloves problem, I think once the Legendary Thimbletips (Gloves) get fixed from the new pack (Soul-splitter) and actually drop, I'll use them. I don't run maximize too much at cap (reapers/raids) to conserve sp, I already get Quick Draw from the EK Core 3 Enhancement, and I use displacement all the time. The only thing I get from it is the 31 Mystic Diversion.
    It'll take me a while to get LGS (if ever). I'm still new enough that I have not raided to any extent beyond solo/short manning things like Tempest Spine, Chronosphere and ADQ. For Legendary Shroud I'll need to do some research so that I'm not totally lost and look for groups.

    So for now at least the 5% is better than nothing for me. Its true on how long it takes on sentient weapons though. I do have three slots available on it so I'm using those right now for Coalesced Magic set.

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    Shrouds pretty ez to group n learn n almost always fills good xp loot

    I'd probly go lgs crits on gogs not boots tons of good boots new pack or the flightfoot greaves

    necros, ravenlofts, sharns fast named item farms if u need sw xp
    Damonz Cannith

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