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    Default The Halfling Huckleberry - Swashbuckler

    The Halfling Huckleberry (Bard)
    Race/Class: Halfling/Bard - Pure Bard level 20
    Nuetral Good
    36 point build
    In-game name: Fizmite on Khyber

    Why this build? I wanted to create a pure Halfling Bard (I like Halflings) that can deal very good DPS at least through reaper 5-7 and I have accomplished that. I did want to also build in some crowd control but after a few variations I realized I was sacrificing too much DPS. He is a support melee fighter for a group that can provide some good Bard buffs.
    So, I built a Charisma based Halfling Swashbuckler Bard (46) with some significant Warchanter (34) built in, using a buckler in the offhand for a shield. See how I did it below and I'd appreciate any feedback about the build. Thanks in advance.

    Build Features:
    This build has turned into a great support offensive DPS melee build. He hits very frequently on his single target freeze to include an occasional red named opponent. I am happy with the melee DPS that he generates.
    The bard in general is a fairly difficult class to generate a high defensive ability. However with displacement in his spell book it certainly helps a lot. I took extended metamagic which gives him a good 5 minute displacement and haste.
    Healing or Self-healing:
    To be honest I am still trying to improve here. At best I would rate him as an average self-healer and a poor group healer.
    Spell Casting & Crowd Control:
    Other than freezing, stunning and fascinate I am not really planning this Bard for major crowd control via enchantment spells.

    Ability Score(s):
    STR: 8
    DEX: 17
    CON: 16
    INT: 8
    WIS: 8
    CHA: 18
    All level points in Charisma.
    This build has +8 tomes in all abilities.

    01 Single Weapon Fighting
    03 Precision
    06 Weapon Finesse
    09 Shield Mastery
    12 Improved Single Weapon Fighting
    15 Improved Critical: Piercing
    18 Greater Single Weapon Fighting
    21 Improved Shield Mastery
    24 Overwhelming Critical
    26 Perfect Single Weapon Fighting
    27 Extend Spell
    28 Adamantine
    29 Dire Charge
    30 Inspiration Melody: Excellence
    30 Scion of Feywild
    Comments: With the enhancement of "Low Blow" and Shield Mastery he has some very good knock down ability.

    Maximize: UMD, Perform, Balance
    Partial: Jump 16, Heal 16, Diplomacy 14, Haggle 15, Bluff 10, Listen 10, Tumble 1

    Spell List:
    1st: Master's Touch, Feather Fall, Detect Secret Doors, Grease, Remove Fear, Enchant Weapon
    2nd: Cure Moderate Wounds, Blur, Invisibility, Rage, Soundburst
    3rd: Cure Serious Wounds, Displacement, Haste, Good Hope, See Invisibility
    4th: Cure Critical Wounds, Freedm of Movement, Dimension Door, Break Enhancement, Neautralize Poison
    5th: Cure Light Wounds, Mass, Greater Heroism, Shadow Walk, Summon Monster V, Greater Dispel Magic
    6th: Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass, Otto's Irresistable Dance, Heroes Feast, Greater Shout

    Swashbuckler: 46 total
    Core: 6 total
    Confidence 1 (1 dodge, reflex, and max dex bonus per core)
    Swashbuckling 1 (1 doublestrike, 1 enhancement bonus to weapon, swashbuckling stance)
    Uncanny dodge 1 (gain uncanny dodge feat, 1 doublestrike, 1 attack, 1 damage)
    Panache 1 (1 doublestrike, 1 attack, 1 damage, 1 enhancement bonus to weapon)
    Roll with the punches 1 (5 dodge cap, slippery mind, 1 doublestrike, 1 attack, 1 damage)
    Evasive maneuvers 1 (2 dex, 2 cha, evasion, 1 doublestrike, 1 attack, 1 damage, 1 enhancement bonus to weapon)
    Tier 1: 6 total
    On Your Toes 3 (3 dodge)
    Blow by Blow 1 (+3 critical threat range + 3d6 sonic damage, reduces threat by 300)
    Tier 2: 5 total
    Fast Movement 2 (run 1% faster per bard level = +30% movement speed)
    En Pointe 3 (2 attacks w/+2[W] +12 critical threat range, -1 critical multiplier)
    Tier 3: 11 total
    Skirmisher 1 > Swashbuckling Style > Buckler 1 (10% dodge, can be used w/single weapon fighting)
    Resonant Arms 6 (6d6 sonic damage on critical hits)
    Smooth Flourishes 2 > Charisma (charisma to damage)
    Charisma 2
    Tier 4: 13 total
    On the Mark 6 (+3 on attack to confirm criticals)
    Swashbuckling style II - low blow 1 (shield bash knockdown with perform dc)
    Battering Barrage 4 (damage w/weapons inflicts improved destruction)
    Charisma 2
    Tier 5: 5 total
    Thread the Needle 2 (5 damage with precision)
    Exploit weakness 2 (stacking +1 crit range on non-crit hits until crit hit)
    Coup de grace 1 (perform + d20 instakill under certain conditions)

    Warchanter: 33 total
    Core: 5 total
    Skaldic constitution 1 (1 con)
    Weapon Training 1 (martial weapon proficiency, +10 max HP, +1 additional damage)
    Ballad Melody: Song of Heroism 1 (+1 to damage, greater heroism)
    Fighting Spirit 1 (+10 HP, +1 damage, uses charisma for temporary HP & x2 in epics)
    Victory Song 1 (+20 HP, attack bonus equal to character level, Bardic aria doubled)
    Tier 1: total 5
    Enchant Weapon 2 (+1 to damage, spell like ability)
    Rough and Ready 3 (+6 AC, +6 PRR)
    Tier 2: total 6
    Words of Encouragement 3 (+30 HP for 1 minute, +15 spellpower)
    Iced Edges 3 (+1d6 cold damage w/attacks)
    Tier 3: total 8
    Ballad Melody: Ironskin 3 (DR 6/-, +6 bonus music to PRR)
    Frozen Fury 3 (melee attack +3(w) damage, enemies make fortitude save (10 + charisma modifier + 1/2 bard level + stunning modifiers) or become frozen for seconds equal to bard levels)
    Charisma 2 (+1 charisma)
    Tier 4: total 9
    Ballad Melody: Recklessness 3 (+6 music bonus to doublestrike & doubleshot, +9 universal spell power)
    Northwind 6 (on a vorpal hit enemy is frozen briefly)

    Spellsinger: 1 total
    Core: 1 total
    Spellsinger 1 (Bardic Inspirational +1 additional bard level)

    Halfling: 1 total
    Core: 1 total
    Halfling Luck 1 (+1 to all saving throws)

    Inquisitive: 1 total
    Core: 1 total
    Inquisitive 1 (+1 attack w/all wepaons, +1 diplomacy, +1 intimidate, +1 bluff)
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    Looks nice.

    Have you tried WC T5 vs swash T5 which you think is "better" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xandez View Post

    Looks nice.

    Have you tried WC T5 vs swash T5 which you think is "better" ?
    I did have a T5 Warchanter in a previous life and it was OK. I wanted as pure of a melee DPS as I could get and found Swashbuckler more appealing. I have a friend that did the opposite of me and is currently running a T5 Warchanter and it certainly has a higher chance of freezing mobs. The Swashbuckler only freezes single targets if you take Warchanter to at least T4 as I have done. The Warchanter in general has less melee DPS output but more crowd control ability in part because you tend to also spend more points in Spellsinger. As you can see I spent almost nothing in Spellsinger.

    I like it thus far although I plan to put a few more ER's into him he is doing pretty much what I want. I do already have 3 ER's of ED-Arcane in him for a +3 Enchant weapon bonus + the Enchant Bard spell I get a +4 weapon damage bonus in melee combat.
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