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    Default DDOCast 561 - Masterminds of Sharn Review pt 2

    We continue our review of Masterminds of Sharn this week, but not before we discuss a load of changes to Epic Destinies with Arkat!

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    The main thing I like from the destiny changes is getting rid of the need to charge abilities up before you can use them, meaning it'll be easier for unusual builds to get to play with the cool toys.

    I'm definitely going to be giving magister a spin on my eldritch knight - boosting his DC casting to be more reliable in LE will be pretty sweet & now nullmagic aura doesn't need to be charged, 20secs of immunity to incoming magical damage for me & everyone standing nearby is something I can see ending up in the same place as the "hey, anyone have hurl for the crystal?" thing in legendary shroud.. not essential, but really handy to have ready for certain situations Generally though, I suspect that character will be sitting in draconic for the most part for maximum AoE carnage.

    Boulder's might clicky attack from FotW is going to be a really nice twist candidate particularly for characters that use precision who wouldn't be able to make use of momentum swing.

    Shiradi's new adrenaline-a-like ability is a very welcome addition, it'll be great to run in Shiradi now instead of fury since I'll get the extra ranged power & base damage, more fun proc effects & won't have to spend twist slots on pin & ottos so I can put some other interesting things in there instead.

    I like the GMoF changes overall, but regarding that idea of adding increased bonuses for the stance-related abilities while centered & within the stance I'd like to see a more unique & thematic extra ability, similar to how the Jidz bracers, perfect pinnacle ring from Ravenloft & Eveningstar monk set work. It's a shame about EiN, but the trade-off that it's going to be getting a huge DC boost is good & scattering of petals is now pretty incredible - 200% fort reduction is going to be an enormous dps buff for the entire group vs. particular enemies.
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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