Looking for some feedback before tr'ing; apart from Ginger's excellent thread, I see mostly animal form builds but I'm making a caster druid.

I am currently wrestling with the following points :

- race : aasimar just for the Wis and general healing bump, tiefling for the fire spell pwr and crit, or deep gnome for the general spell casting bump...which brings me to the second point....

- pure capstone or 1 or 2 lvl splash? going deep gnome would oblige 1 wiz of course but can anyone think of any other that would trade well with the 2dc, 2con and 1 caster lvl loss from Hierophant?

I was playing with the idea of a 2lvl air domain cleric to recoup 1 evo dc, save ap in bear tree since have heavy armor profeciency and re-spend in divine disciple for fire spell pwr, some universal spell crit chance and a few other goodies - any thoughts?!

Thanks in advance for any input!