Hello everyone!

After a long hiatus and a few intense days of playing it's time to TR again, and this life I'd like to play tanky character who should be mostly viable through heroics as I don't really care about epics.
The thing is I'm out of the loop when it comes to building nowadays, so help would be greatly appreciated. What I need is a build for Druid (or Artificer) that is as tanky as possible. Multiclassing is not a problem, but would prefer a pure build.

At the moment my toon has +3 tomes to every stat and PL: 3x barb, 3x pally, 3x bard, 1x rogue, 1x wizard.
All of my gear is trash all around, so opinions about what I should grind for before TRing are appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Holybird.