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    Default Cold Breath

    Anyone know why the spell cold breath is not working on my dragon born druid. I'm in winter wolf form and the spell uses spell points, does the animation, and shows I'm casting it in the combat log but it does not hit the monster. Tried relogging, unsloting the spell and still nothing. Is it just a dragonborn issue because it worked on my tiefling last life.

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    Sorry for the late answer. Are you running with epic defensive fighting? If so, the spell works just fine, just has a ******** range of what is up to your wolf's nose. Epic defensive fighting just kills the use of the spell in epic.

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    Default BUG: Cold breath not working on Dragonborn druid in winter wolf form

    I am currently playing a Dragonborn druid in wolf form and the cold breath is not working. It is exactly as described in the OP: uses mana, spell animation works, does not hit any mobs.
    I am still in heroic levels (level 9), so it is not the epic defensive fighting feature.

    Devs, it would be great if you could have a look at this at some point and get it to work


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