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    Default West Coast (PST / GMT-7) Server + Guild?

    Seeking a guild and perhaps a different server, too, for primarily west-coast/PST timezone play. I'm primarily interested in a 90% group / 10% solo ratio. My recent play has that ratio flipped upside down due mostly to lack of people online.

    I'm currently on Cannith, which is essentially dead during what I think of as PST prime-time (20:00~01:00 PST). Typically only 10~20 people in 29~30. I never checked numbers before Sharn. So, I'm unsure if this is post-expansion burnout or something else, such as seasonal/summer issues. However, it "feels" a LOT lower than pre-Sharn.

    Is there a secret PST timezone Cannith guild that is anon all the time and thus can't be counted on the public who list? A different server perhaps where the PST folk hang out?

    Anyway, my current @cap desires: sharn saga & SL mat farms, RL & other raids (kinda -- once a week is nice). General stuff: TR groups rushing ENx2 repeats are deadly dull; EE/R1+ is MUCH more interesting. Three chars, usually two @ cap, one TR'ing (atm, all 3 capped).

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    Default Pst

    It can get slower in summer time, but Sarlona has allot of people on PST. We do have PUG raids up once and a while too. I recomend rolling up a toon here and try it first, before transfering any toons to see if like the grass on this side of the fence.

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