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Thread: Baldur's Gate 3

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    Default Baldur's Gate 3

    ...has been officially announced, and it's being made by Larian, the guys behind the Divinity series

    I'm already hyped.
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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    ooh thx for the heads up!
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    Just saw it.

    And by my favourite gaming company !
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    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this tale."
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    Well...that was unexpected.

    Going to read as much as I can about it now...
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    Hi Welcome

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    M I N D F L A Y E R S ! ! ! !

    *hyperventilating in excitement*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziindarax View Post
    now i wanna play, go for the eyes boo.

    your friend sil

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    Tyrs Paladium will be there. We will never leave DDO, this is and always will be our flagship home.

    But as an official D&D product, we will be pitching a tent there and we will be looking for some old school gamers to check it out with.

    Personally, I believe this is good news for DDO. Yes, some of our guildies will leave our DDO Chapter to play Baldurs Gate III for a while, but many new people checking out the game will be looking at DDO again or for the first time. WE will be cross promoting between the two without fear.

    WOTC needs to finally WAKE UP (dont hold your breath) and stop leaving SSG and DDO off their radar. DDO should be discussed REGULARLY as the best character building, questing and group/team experience in computer gaming. DDO will still be the MMO king of the D&D group for the foreseeable future, and Baldur's Gate III may very well rise to be the best RPG / COOPERATIVE MMO of the modern generation.

    Without question these two playerbases' demographics will be one in the same.
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    From rumors, BG3 will also have proper Psionics in play as well.

    DDO, where is our Psionics?

    Without question these two playerbases' demographics will be one in the same.
    Sorry to say, but BG3 was already going to be on my daily game list. So that was always a given. As for better co-op, I dunno, but the above abilities (Psionics), already give me more hope for fun than DDO does at the moment, because it's not just more of the same.

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    Default Won't miss this

    Good news with big G, Baldurs Gate 1 got me in this type of games, we'll see there Won't be leaving DDO tho of course.


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    Semi excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by HastyPudding View Post
    M I N D F L A Y E R S ! ! ! !

    *hyperventilating in excitement*
    Wondering if these Mindflyers will find their way into our version of ToEE.

    I think the Cogs have one quest hinting at maybe they do.

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