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    Default Updating a 8 year old build, Paladin THF build help.

    Hey everyone!

    I'm just coming back to the game after a pretty big hiatus, and one of my goals in the next little while is to get my favorite character to a 36 pt build and level 30.
    Now before I get into it, I want to try to explain some of the things I'm looking to do, and some things I'm not.

    - This character is more of a passion character than a min/max high end group / raider / reaper character.
    - I have a lot of doubts that this character can be useful anyways
    - In general, I just want it to be the best it can be under certain "aesthetic" restraints, those are as follows.

    - Paladin, first and foremost.
    - Two handed fighting. (focus on great axes)
    - DPS, but with a bit of healing and if needed, tanking on the side.
    - Human

    Under these conditions, I want to plan out what the BEST build for this character could be, and that's primarily what I need help with.
    Multiclass? If so with what? (Current is a Paladin 14 / Fighter 6)
    I'll have 2 past lifes when I get to this final build, what should I do for my build before this final one? (I was thinking Barb since I have the weapons already)
    Feats, enhancements, etc.

    This is what I'm currently running with, this is a very very old build that I haven't touched much in the last 8 years.
    I always described her as a Paladin who just wanted to be a Barbarian.

    Paladin 14 / Fighter 6

    STR 18
    DEX 10
    CON 16
    INT 8
    WIS 8
    CHA 12

    Basically for feats I went into everything I could for THF and slashing weapon profs.
    For enhancements I did 26 Kensai / 28 KotC / 21 Human

    I'm not positive about any of these choices, and I can provide additional information if its useful.
    Would love to get any and all help on this, I'm excited to be back!

    Thank you.
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    I also answered your Reddit thread, but I might as well post build links here.

    First off, I recommend bookmarking this thread: It hasn't been updated in a while, but it's a good starting place when build-shopping.

    I'll forewarn you that paladin DPS is behind the curve vs other melee classes. It was actually one of the first to be buffed after Shadowfell (2nd expansion) came out, but that means it was also one of the first to be rendered obsolete by all the OTHER classes that have been buffed since then. The devs have admitted that paladin is due for another revamp (possibly this year) and if you've been gone that long, it'll all seem new to you anyway.

    Specific builds you could use:

    My Iconic Builds thread also has paladins for Bladeforged and Purple Dragon Knight. If you don't own any Iconic races - or don't even know what they are - don't worry too much; those builds are sufficiently generic they can be adapted to other races.
    Major build threads: Axesinger / Dwarven Defender / Drow Ninja / Drow Paladin / Elven Ranger / Monkcher / Sacred Vanguard / Cleric Domains / Kundarak Brigade / Iconic Builds
    My Build Index: a Motley Menagerie of Original Rapscallions, Pugilists, and Gimps!

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